About our Animals

100% Grass-Fed Cattle

Murray Grey cattle originated in Australia in 1905 and were first brought to the United States in 1972. Their color may be a light 'silver', shades of grey and brown, or black. Cows have a very mild, gentle disposition and excellent maternal ability, easily giving birth to small calves . Steers do very well on grass, producing beef with high marbling and lower subcutaneous or intramuscular seam fat than some other breeds. In a recent U.S. study, Murray Grey steers were twice as likely to grade Choice or Prime than the average steer. Our herd of Murray Greys is registered with the American Murray Grey Association and the Murray Gray International Association.

Our herd of Murray Grey cattle was developed to optimize growth on pasture. They moo excitedly when we arrive to rotate them to new pature each day. Additionally, they are offered free-choice minerals, apple cider vinegar and kelp to naturally maintain their health and parasite resistance.

We utilize Gearld Fry's herd management program to maximize our beef's flavor and tenderness.


Pastured Pigs

Our heritage breed (Tamworth and Large Black) pigs are bred, born and raised out on pasture and woodland, enjoying a tasty smorgasbord of legumes, grass, acorns, berries and tubers along with their organic, soy-free, GMO-free feed. This healthy diet and lifestyle makes for a healthy pig. They, along with the rest of our animals, never receive vaccinations, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, growth hormones or chemical wormers.


Pastured Broilers

Our Freedom Ranger chickens enjoy foraging in the pasture for bugs and grass under the shelter of their portable pens in addition to their organic, GMO-free and soy-free grain. They grow at a moderate rate, finishing in 9-11 weeks and producing a 3.5 to 4.5 pound average finished weight bird. The meat of these friendly birds is flavorful, tender and succulent.


 Free-Range, Pastured Laying Hens

Our chickens follow the cattle and sheep, scratching and spreading manure, eating bugs and reducing flies and parasites. In return, they provide us with delicious eggs, higher in Beta Carotene,  Omega 3 and Vitamin A and lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than commercial eggs. Our favorite fluffy, feathered friends enjoy a diverse diet of grass, bugs and organic, soy-free grain.

We are currently raising three varieties of heritage breed chickens for our eggs: Delaware, Ameraucana and Welsummer. The Delaware lay a nice sized brown egg while the Ameraucana lay a beautful blue egg and the Welsummer an intriguing dark brown spotted egg. All are equally delectable!

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